First of all I would like to welcome you to the website Dreams Eggs and Sperm. So who am I and why would you be the slightest interested in this website? I will try to make a long story short(er) in order to answer these questions here:

I have always been interested in Life. In all its forms. And with that comes all sorts of questions. As a teenager there were lots of the philosophical kind. Why? How? What if? What if not? Later the questions were of a more biological nature and my interests lead me on a scientific path.

I first studied cancer and tumor biology. Partly because so many people suffer from this disease. But also because cancer is the result of what you may call “uncontrolled life”. So by studying the mechanisms of cancer you may find a lot of answers to what makes cells survive and thrive. Basically factors that drive Life.

Later in my scientific career, I became more interested in normal life, meaning non-disease. Particularly how life is formed. What is important for life to begin? What makes the fusion of two cells grow into a living multicellular organism? And what regulates this miraculous process, so that the new life will be healthy and viable?

All these questions lead me to study Genetics and Developmental Biology. The former is the study of genes and heredity in living organism. The latter, Developmental Biology, is the study of the processes by which animals and plants grow and develop. In animals early developmental biology, or embryology, involves the study of sex cells (gametes), fertilization and the development of embryos and fetuses. Both in healthy development and in congenital disorders (disorders that occur before birth).

Personally, I have experienced how hard it can be when nature does not cooperate with you, your dreams, your hopes and your expectations. When all you want is a baby. But it just doesn’t happen. No matter how hard you try. Today I am a mother of two. I have a daughter and a son. It may sound normal. Maybe even boring to some. But believe me, to me it is not. The journey has not been the smoothest. We rode the Infertility Rollercoaster. Ups and Downs. Peaks of hope. Deep dark valleys of despair. Over and over again. And because of my own experience I want to support, help and share with anyone else who is out there. Anyone trying to find a way through the dark and sometimes scary place I call the infertility jungle. My hope is to be able to provide a map and a flashlight to make the rest of your journey at least slightly easier to navigate.

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