Give the troopers a spin

Trak made by Sandstone picture from VergeApproximately 1 in 8 couples have problems conceiving. Studies have shown that roughly 1/3 of infertility is attributed to the female, 1/3 to the male partner and the left-over 1/3 is caused by a combination of problems in both partners or can not be detected with today’s  methods, instruments, or analyses. They are just called to be unexplained. In spite of these facts infertility has mainly been considered a female problem, a women’s health issue. However, men have become more and more aware of the fact that the problem to become a father may be because they have medical reproductive issue. Male infertility is usually caused by problems affecting either sperm production or sperm transport. It is however, for most men not a pleasant experience to visit a fertility clinic to have their little swimmers analyzed.

Now, FDA has recently approved a new device, a small centrifuge called Trak for men who would rather test their sperm count at home instead of bring it to a clinic or for that matter producing it at a clinic. Track was developed by a company called Sandstone Diagnostics and this little device is not particularly new in itself but the recent FDA approval has resulted in a launch in the fall (October this year, 2016). The price is set to $159.99.

How to use the Trak sperm centrifuge

Sandstone says that Trak will give couples “the ability to conveniently measure semen quality at home without have to bother with doctor’s appointments, and it is as reliable as laboratory tests“. The Trak system is easy to use according to Sandstone, where the user fills a disposable cartridge with the semen placing it in the centrifuge. When Trak spins the sample the sperm cells are separated from the fluid. The sperm count is analyzed visually still in the cartridge, and the estimation is then entered in an app. This app also helps track different life style factors that might affect fertility. You can find out more at the company’s own blog

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