Welcome to Dreams, Eggs and Sperm – A website I hope will give you some insight into Reproductive Medicine and help you navigate through the Infertility Jungle

As a scientist with a background in genetics, reproductive medicine, developmental biology and oncology, and as a person who desperately tried to conceive a baby and start a family with my husband, I realize that my personal experience have definitely shaped me. Made me to the person I am today. With a passionate interest in understanding fertility and infertility. Biologically. Clinically. The Whys and Hows. I want to communicate this knowledge, in the hope it may help at least some of you who are making the same journey as I once did. You who dream of great eggs and competent sperm. You who desperately wish to become a parent. For you. This website and blog is for you. Dreams, Eggs and Sperm. When all you want is a baby.